Screenshots are the best way to show off your app to the world. Customers don’t want to download an app without seeing it and its capabilities first. To ensure successful app marketing, think of your app screenshots as the first impression of your app, on your target audience.

Screenshots are an important tool in your prizefight for a higher number of downloads. When it comes to ASO, developers with appealing app screenshots have a higher rate of downloads and success.

If you don’t believe us, here are some undisputable facts:

  • Our attention span of 8 seconds limits our brain to concentrate on detailed text. So, we make instant decisions: if screenshots are attractive enough, we download the app. It’s that simple
  • App downloads can be significantly increased (by 33%) by using screenshots
  • Less than 2% of app store users read the entire app description, which indicates that 98% of them are making the decision to download based on visual factors
  • Quality of app’s screenshots directly correlate to the customer’s perception of quality of the app
  • User acquisition costs are greatly reduced by optimizing screenshots
DEsigning app screenshots by SF AppWorks
Designing app screenshots by SF AppWorks

You may have only a moment’s time before you influence someone to download your app. Once that window passes, you may not get a second chance. Therefor you should be sure that your screenshots convey all the benefits and capabilities of your app.

  1. To convey the vital information needed for your users to decide to download, you first need to ask yourself these questions:
  2. What is the primary outcome of someone downloading and using your app?
  3. What is it that sets your app apart from all the other apps?
  4. If your app is a game, what is the ultimate fun part of the game and why?
  5. How will the app enhance a person’s life on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis?
  6. How does the app allow users to connect or share socially?

After answering these questions, you should decide which of these questions leads to the most compelling answer as to why your target user should download your app. The screenshot portraying this should be the very first screenshot that appears. This image will be the most viewed image, and have the greatest impact on people searching the app store.

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