Fortunately, laziness breeds efficiency, and technology empowers both the lazy and the efficient. You deliver pizzas? We deliver EVERYTHING. I rarely step foot into a store these days. I get all my food delivered, sometimes prepared, sometimes raw, sometimes separated neatly into cook-ready packages with easy instructions – but always EXACTLY how I want it.

I have a woefully short attention span. I want my content more entertaining and with higher production value, always. Make it on demand and available on all five of my devices, from wherever I am, please. But don’t worry – I’ll buy it. Well, I’m more likely to rent actually.

I rent everything – my apartment, my car (sometimes from my neighbor), my movies, even my clothes. My super power is the internet and I use it to procure whatever I need, when I need it, for as little amount of time as I need it for – whether that’s information or tangible goods.

I collect experiences as opposed to actual items. I will happily spend my hard earned money on vacations, concerts, activities and sporting events. So if you are in the business of selling event sponsorship packages, then marketing to millennials is probably something you should brush up on.

I am a ferocious multi-taskers and information addict. When I have a question – I answer it immediately. Fortunately, if you ask me a question, I’ll answer you immediately too – even if you text it to me late on a Saturday night.

I was born in 1982. I moved to college the day 9/11 happened and started my first tech company a week before the stock market crashed in 2008. I’m unmarried without kids, I rent my apartment, I talk to my parents 1.5 times per day and I support the legalization of marijuana. I work from home sometimes, and from an office in a garage sometimes, and from planes, trains, and automobiles sometimes. Most of my interactions with people happen over video chat, messaging, and email. But I have high expectations of the world and I think big.

I am a millennial. Are you talking to me?

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