The Sager Group, as it’s epigraph Artifex Te Adiuva would suggest, is a multi-media consortium that empowers artists and writers to create with freedom and profit directly from their talents. They have their hands in every medium, publishing books and e-books, managing musical acts, film, and even ministry. By harnessing the power of technology and production, The Sager Group has removed gatekeepers to artistic success and allowed artists to Artifex Te Adiuva, to help themselves.


The Sager Group, which was founded by Journalist Mike Sager in 1984, first made the transition into digital publishing in 2012. When Mike’s book Scary Monsters and Super Freaks was turned into the famous film Boogie Nights, he ingeniously still maintained the electronic publishing rights. After successfully publishing it on Amazon, Mike wanted to do more with digital publishing, but felt he didn’t have the technical know how to make this a reality.

This is where we stepped in. Our co-founder, Andrew Greenstein, has taken Mike’s literary journalism class at University of California, Irvine, where the two became friends. When Andrew heard Mike’s dilemma, he said “I could probably figure that out.”

He then offered the resources of SF AppWorks: a digital agency specializing in design development. From here a wonderful partnership was born.

Screenshot of SF AppWorks and The Sager Group collaboration
Screenshot of The Sager Group website created by SF AppWorks


We started by transforming Mike’s books into E-books by developing formats that are easily readable and navigated on multiple platforms, as well as designing beautiful cover images. After that, The Sager Group and SF AppWorks went on to publish volumes of amazing content, from history books that were ten times more affordable for students, to children’s meditation stories written by a former NFL player. Validated by user reviews and rising number of sales, The Sager Group began enabling more artists to expand their reach beyond their capabilities by providing technical consultation.

Currently, SF AppWorks provides The Sager Group with Website design and upkeep, E-publishing, language translation, and visual design.


The biggest success of the project, according to Mike, is that it gave him the artistic freedom to unilaterally say yes or no, as well as enabling him to become more of a businessman. As an artist who makes something out of nothing, someone who battles a blank screen everyday, we allow him to take his talents to areas in technology and business he wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.
Like any investment, the project started in the red, but in less than two years, there was a 300% increase in profit. Now his books, which are free from the danger of ever going out of print, have worldwide distribution and don’t need any advertisement to sell.

SF AppWorks and The Sager Group continue to produce and publish best selling books online.


  • Amazon Publishing
  • Wordpress (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • Digital Publishing
  • E-Pub Formatting

“I had an idea, but I had no physical ability to make it work. Andrew was able to come through and make my dream come true in a technical sense. What I’m happy about is that I had a problem and it was solved in such a way that they were able to build an infrastructure and a team. I am able to have done what I need done and it doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a website and it could be design. We’ve been doing highly aesthetic stuff, better than anyone out there that’s doing this sort of thing. I’m able to be seen as a boutique agency because of the extra care we put into it.”

-Mike Kamagra Oral Jelly Sager, Founder of The Sager Group, award winning journalist, and bestselling author